Integrate with cloud accounting software

PaySuite integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online


  • Run payroll without leaving QuickBooks

    You can access PaySuite from within QuickBooks so you never have to open another piece of software or export data into another accounting package.

    Run payroll without leaving QuickBooks

  • Calculate PAYE and RTI

    You can enjoy all of PaySuite’s payroll features including tax deductions and RTI submission to the HMRC.

    Calculate PAYE and RTI

  • Payroll flows into accounts

    Because payroll is part of QuickBooks, your accounts get updated with the payroll figures for you – saving time and reducing errors.

    Payroll flows into accounts

  • Tour of the product

    Why not take a quick tour of the product to see how you can run your payroll in minutes.

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    QuickBooks and PaySuite tour

All the features you need to pay your wages

PaySuite has been designed for the needs of small-medium businesses

Simply enter the hours your staff have worked, PaySuite will then calculate the PAYE and NI. You can then file with HMRC your Real Time Information (RTI), generate a payslip by email or simply print it off.

Our partners love PaySuite

See how our partners are building PaySuite into their businesses

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    Simon Clark - Kingston Smith

    "PaySuite is the obvious choice for all my clients"

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  • {tag_title}

    Mandy & Jane - PW Payroll Solutions

    "PaySuite is something that the payroll industry have been waiting for a long time, a reliable web based solution giving easy access from anywhere"

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  • {tag_title}

    Grant Sayer - Centric Logic

    "We’re very big advocates of the whole concept here: an easy to use, quick to access, cost effective payroll solution for business and payroll bureau."

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  • {tag_title}

    Martyn Keates - Keates & Co

    "Being online, PaySuite allows us to access our clients' payroll without the need to be tethered to the office"

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